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Week 1 Candids ....

  Pup 3 and Pup 2  

Pup 3 (female) sleeping on to of Pup2 (male)


Pup 5 (male) cuddled in Misty's arms while Pup 4 (female) sleeps next to Misty

Pup 4 and Pup 5


Misty with Pup2        Misty giving extra attenton to Pup 2


Misty cleans Pup 5 as he heads to the Milk Bar   Misty cleaning Pup5


misty and Pup2 resting   Pup 2 and Misty taking a nap together


A very proud first time mommy                          Misty relaxing while puppies sleep


Misty checking out Pup2   Misty checks out Pup 2 while another nurses