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September 20, 2015


Home to our Icelandic Sheepdogs - -
Aldebaran Gryla   "Gryla"
Blueridge Mist  "Misty"
  Sunnan Gimli  "Aspen"
Runestone Rasmus Klumpur  "Beckham"
Runestone Willy Wonka  "Willy"
Runestone Katla "Shorty"
Runestone Kyssa "Kyssa"
Runestone Kela "Kela"
Runestone Leifur Roskursson "Roskur"
Runestone Thora "Piper"
Runestone Gammur "Gammur"


Come on in and take a look at our beautiful Icelandic puppy ....       
     Runestone Gryla fra Arnleif is 11 weeks and living with her dam, Runestone Thora in her forever home. 
      If you are interested in Icelandic Sheepdogs, Stonecrop Icelandics has 6 puppies, three boys and 3 girls, that are 5 weeks old and full of vim and vigor.

Elaine and Dolores


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This site is dedicated to our  father, Victor , who believed that children should grow up with dogs and our mother, Rita, who made it all possible.  We are forever grateful .

To contact Runestone Icelandics - risd@runestoneicelandics.com