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Audurs Kamilla "Soley"   x   Runestone Rasmus Klumpur "Beckham"

Born:  October 16, 2010

Announcing a Breeding
Introducing the Litter

Runestone Icelandics is proud to announce the birth of Midnight Sun Icelandics first litter.  Soley suprised Cathy and Frank by having her litter a couple of days early.  Soley and her 5 pups are fine and Beckham is a proud papa.  Thanks Cathy for providing all the great photos.

The Puppies are 2 weeks old ...

Puppies are 2 weeks old


Introducing Soley x Beckham litter .... 2 females and 3 males whelped October 16, 2010

Soley and puppies


Puppy Pile