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Aldebaran Gryla  x  Frostfyres Roskur

Born:  June 27, 2010

Announcing a Breeding
Delivery Time
Introducing the Litter
 One Week Old - Portraits
First Week Candids
Two Weeks Old - Portraits
Second Week Candids
Three Weeks Old - Portraits
Candids - 3rd Week
Times of the Day
First Meal
Four Weeks Old - Portraits
Fourth Week Candids
Five Weeks Old - Portraits
Candids - 5th Week
Pirate Ship
Playtime with Gryla - starring Thora
Moving Time
Sleeping Faces
Hanging Out on the Deck
My Bone

Six Weeks Old - Portraits
Candids - 6th Week
We had Visitors!
Big Plays
Pups and their Toys

Seven Weeks Old - Portraits
Candids - 7th Week
Outdoor Play
Gryla & Thora Play - Part 2

Eight Weeks Old - Portraits
Candids - 8th Week
Outdoor Fun
More Outdoor Adventures
Group Dynamics
Ears Half Way Up
What's that yucky thing on my nose!
Susan and Roskur Visit
New Candids - 9th Week
We're in CT
Lauren's Photos
On the Deck
Keep Away or Who's Got the Soccer Ball
Kisses From Leifur
New Ten Weeks Old - Portraits


Leifur meets his big brother Beckham



Lots of playtime with Nicole



Hanging out on the Deck



Keep Away



Thora playing hide & go seek


They all found the perfect hiding place


Running to Home Base




Skaði 's flop







Guess who's ears are coming up  ....  Skaði

Skadi - ears coming up at 5 weeks



Hey -- You got milk Aunt Misty?  

Hey - U got Milk?



The Three Iceketeers



Big Bark




Please don't eat the daisies!



Sister Act



Double Decker Nursing

double decker nursing


Leif Röskursson says ...

Leif says ... Life is good:


Gryla welcomes her first puppy

Pup 1 just delivered