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Announcing a Breeding
Whelping Day
Introducing the litter

One Week Portraits

Kels's First Mother's Day

One Week Candids
The Art of Nursing
Puppy Pile Patterns
Two Weeks Portraits

Two Week Candids
Eatin' N Sleepin'
Three Weeks Portraits

Three Week Candids
Feeding Time
Learning To Play
Snug As A Bug In A Rug
Cute Photos
Four Weeks Portraits
Fourth Week Candids
Our Cuties
Our New Digs
More Room to Play
Out On the Deck With Mom
Five Weeks Portraits
Fifth Week Candids
Griðungur and Mom
Happy Birthday Mom!
Fifth Week Videos
Tough Guys
Our New Toys
Tunnel of Fun
Six Weeks Portraits
Sixth Week Candids
Everyone in the Pool!
Tunnel Play
Pups 'N Peeps
Tether Ball Anyone?
Seven Weeks Portraits
Seventh Week Video
Playtime on the Deck
Seventh Week Candids
In the Pool
Our Bones
Mom Loves Toys
Tug Of War
Playing With Mom
Rough Play
Eight Weeks Portraits
Eighth Week Candids
My Four-Legged Family
Food 'N Water
Playing With Our Girls
Group Hugs?
Eighth Week Videos
Follow the Leader
Big Plays in the Backyard
Ninth Week Candids
The Big Trip to MD
Visiting Our Fox Meadow Clan
Our Cousin Gari
Hanging Out With Carrie
Playtime With Rosie
Ninth Week Video
Our Trip to Fox Meadow
Tenth Week Candids
Hanging Out Together
11th Week Candids
Hanging WithThe Big Dogs
New  12th Week Candids
-- Pittsburgh Adventures --
Hanging Out With Gryla &  Misty
At the Farm
Shorty & Gammur in the Pond
Big Plays at the Farm
Gammur Meets De's Horses



Happy Birthday Mom !!!



April 29th, 2011 - 4 males