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Procedure:  Our process continues to evolve but this is a general guideline/timeline for how we proceed.
Puppy information and photos are posted and updated weekly on our website ( and the ISAA website and all inquiries are contacted.  We compile a list of prospective puppy owners and sometime within the 3-5 week period will email puppy applications to the most suitable prospective owners.  

We recommend that you read and complete the questions in the application thoughtfully.  Your answers will help us to evaluate puppy/home compatibility and ultimately determine puppy placements.

We do not take reservations or deposits but will keep in touch and give you a realistic indication of your chances.  At 6 weeks, once personalities have emerged, each puppy is temperament tested by a professional dog trainer/behavior specialist.  We use this input to begin matching puppies to prospective owners/households, taking into account the interests of each prospective owner while looking for the best fit.  At 7 weeks placement determinations and travel arrangements are made.  At 8 weeks the puppies are CERF tested and ready for delivery to their new homes and breeder contracts are signed.

At 8 weeks Runestone puppies are:

  1. socialized – accustomed to people, especially children, introduced to the great outdoors, cats, collars and leashes, crate training, steps, nail clipping, and general household activities.
  2. AKC registered with documentation and pedigree provided.
  3. wormed and have completed first round of shots @ 6 weeks with medical history provided.
  4. micro-chipped with documentation provided.
  5. temperament tested at 6 weeks and matched to appropriate homes
  6. CERF tested with documentation provided
  7. members of the ISAA for their first year

Travel arrangements will be coordinated with the new owners however travel expenses are the responsibility of the new owner.   Our first priority is the welfare of our puppies and finding them the most compatible homes – to that end we are as flexible and accommodating as possible.    

Elaine Mozur and Dolores Porrino