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Introducing the litter

Week 1 Candids
Keilir getting lots of TLC    from Misty
Week 1 Portraits
Puppies Nursing
Misty's Nursing Tips - Position
is Everything
Week 2 Candids
Week 2 Portraits
More 2 Week Candids
Week 3 Portraits


First Food
Kristi's Visit
Food Fest - 3rd week
Week 3 Candids
Week 4 Portraits -
Backyard Brawl
Team Penguin Scrimage


Week 4 Candids
Playing with Mom
Almost 5 Weeks Old
Family Time
Tail Biting
Week 5 Portraits


Memorial Day Weekend
American Idol
New Digs
We've Got Harnesses
Exploring the Rock Garden
Playing in the Grass
Sound Asleep
Week 6 Portraits


Our New Outdoor Digs
Moving Crew
Playtime Outdoors
Keilir Loves the Tunnel
Weening Wear
We're Pooped
Week 7 - 8 Portraits


Week 7 Candids
The Gang
Pre-Belmont Derby
Kristy and the Girls Visit
Puppy School


Week 8 Candids
Gryla and the Pups
Break Tims
Puppy Pool Open --Pool Party
Misty and the Gang
Tunnel Mania
Pups Take Mom for a Walk
Our Crate
Pups on the Rocks
Forever Homes
Hanging out in CT
Playing with the Girls
Playing with the Dogs/Cats
Just Playing
Just Too Cute
Group Photos
Dynamics of Play

Only One Pup Left
Katla Walking Beckham
Katla Hanging Out
Last Day at Old Orchard
Home Sweet Home

In Memory of Keilir


Misty announcing the births


The puppies


After 23 days -- no more rain!!!!!

No more rain


The Gang


The Soccer Girls with the Pups



white rose   In  Memory of Keilir  "Simba"white rose