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Announcing a Breeding
Introducing the litter

First Week Candids
One Week Portraits
Two Weeks Portraits

Second Week Candids
Three Weeks Portraits

Three Week Candids
Pups On the Go
First Solid Foods
Ísbjörn and his Namesake
Tófa and her Fox
Four Weeks Portraits

Fourth Week Candids
De Visits
The Bear vs. The Owl - Playtime Roughhousing
So Cute!
Special Time
The Three Together
Five Weeks Portraits

Fifth Week Candids
De's 2nd Visits
In Our New Digs
Playing in the Backyard
More Visitors!
On the Deck
Brother & Sister - Tough Love
Six Weeks Portraits

Six Week Candids
Kristi Visits
My Other Twin
Playing with Mom
The Box
Seven Weeks Portraits

Seven Week Candids
Dynamics of Tug of War
Another Rainy Week

Eight Week Candids
Easter on the Deck
Making New Friends
Hugs and Kisses
Playing in the Yard
The Thralls Visit
Walking on the Leash
8/9 Week Portraits
Nineth Week Candids
More Playtime
Who's Got the Chipmunk
Playing On the Deck
A Tribute to Mom

New  Tenth Week Candids
The Bug
Miss Manners Lessons




The three amigos




As I expected, practically perfect in every way!